– Approved by membership at General Meeting on April 13, 2016.


1. The name of this club shall be the HARBOR CITY MEN’S GOLF CLUB.


1. To promote sportsmanship, fellowship, and competition in golf among its members, to sponsor team play, and to hold tournaments and other events.
2. To insure conformance to the U.S.G.A. RULES OF GOLF and provide an authoritative body to conduct and govern club activities.


1. Regular membership shall be open to all amateur male golfers, limited by the available tee times, and provided they pay the annual club dues. The duration of membership shall run from January 1st to December 31st.


1. The annual dues shall be $24 and shall include $1 Hole-In-One (HIO) insurance. Dues shall be payable by December 31st of the preceding year. Dues shall be prorated for members who join after January 1st. The prorated fee will be based on the month that the new member joins. Members joining in January, February or March shall pay the full annual fee. Members joining after March 31st shall pay an amount equal to 1/12th of the annual fee times the number of months remaining in the calendar year.
2. Non-payment of dues will result in cancellation of membership.


1. The club officers, to be elected by majority vote of the membership voting, for a term of one year, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Handicap Chairman, Schedule Chairman, Rules Chairman and Tournament Chairman. These officers shall constitute the Executive Board, and shall have full authority to fill all vacancies on the board, which might occur during their term.
2. The President shall cast deciding vote in the event of a tie vote of Executive Board members.
3. The Executive Board shall have preferred tee times. This privilege is limited to no more than five tee times per week. The five tee times are assigned to the President, Vice-President/WebMaster, Treasurer, Handicap Chairman and Tournament Chairman.
4. No officer shall receive monetary compensation for performance of their duties except as noted in Article 8.6.f.


1. The acceptance of membership in this club shall bind each member to abide by all conditions of the Bylaws, and accept and observe all decisions of the Executive Board acting within its jurisdiction.
2. The President shall have the authority to temporarily suspend a member for cause, pending review of the matter by the Executive Board.
3. The Executive Board may discipline a member for any conduct, which results in adverse reflection on the club. Said discipline to include temporary suspension, expulsion, or other action, as the board deems appropriate.
4. Any member expelled shall forfeit all dues paid, which shall become the property of the club.


1. This club shall have at least one general meeting each year. The Executive Board shall determine the date, time, and place of these meetings.
2. Any member, with approval of the Executive Board, may call a special meeting. The special meeting shall be limited to a single topic.
3. Except in emergencies, a notice of all general and special meetings shall be posted on the club’s bulletin board at least two weeks before the meeting date.
4. ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER, REVISED, shall be the final authority as to parliamentary procedure at all meetings of the club, insofar as they do not conflict with any provision of the club’s Bylaws. The order of business shall be:
a. Roll call of officers
b. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
c. Unfinished business
d. Report of officers
e. Report of standing committees
f. New business
g. Adjournment

5. 25% of the total membership shall constitute a quorum at a general meeting. At least 25 members shall constitute a quorum at a special meeting. Proxy voting shall be permitted.



a. Shall preside at all meetings, shall have general supervision over the affairs of the club, its property and servants.
b .Shall appoint ad-hoc committees, and chairman of each, as he deems necessary for the operation of the club. He shall act as ex-officio member of each committee and shall have approval over all decisions made by such committees.
c. Shall have approval over all expenditures for the club and in general perform the duties inherent in the office.


a. Shall, in the absence of the President, perform all his duties.
b .Shall assist the President in all of his duties and shall act as a member ex-officio, with the President on all committees.


a. Shall keep minutes of all meetings. Shall conduct all correspondence, excepting that pertaining to the office of Treasurer.
b. Shall post notice of meetings on the club’s bulletin board, and perform other duties as may be assigned by the officers.


a. Shall collect and discharge the funds of the club as directed by the President.
b. Shall keep the club accounts in books belonging to the club, and such books shall be open for inspection at all times.


a. Prepare schedule of weekly contest and post it on the club’s bulletin board.
b .Assign members to locations on the schedule of play as deemed necessary.


a. Assume responsibility for scoring, handicap revisions, turning in score cards, assessing score card penalties, maintaining records and notifying members of changes.
b. Arrange for awarding new member handicap, after receipt of three properly attested scorecards reflecting play with the club.
c. Post an updated list of members’ club handicaps each month.
d. Shall determine the winners of each contest and distribute the prizes.
e. Shall prepare a written report to the President detailing monies collected and dispersed each week.
f. The Handicap Chairman shall be entitled to compensation as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.
The amount is currently $.50 per player for any given week.


a. Shall assume responsibility for compliance with the U.S.G.A. RULES OF GOLF, or other local rules in force, by all club members.
b. Shall investigate questions concerning rules violation by coordinating with the Golf professional and conducting hearings on such matters when deemed necessary.
c. Shall, after review, announce a decision in the matter at hand.
d. Appeals of the decision may be made to the Executive Board.


a. Shall be responsible for planning club tournaments.
b. Shall assume responsibility for all aspects of the tournament play.
c. Shall prepare a written report to the President detailing monies collected and dispersed for the tournament.
d. Shall present to the Executive Board for approval a description of planned tournament format and prizes.


1. The financial records of the club shall be subject to an audit at the end of the club year. A temporary committee composed of the President, Vice-President, and two members at large, shall conduct this audit.
2. The Treasurer shall present himself and his records for review by the committee. After review, a written report will be made available to the membership, detailing the committee’s findings.
3. The President shall be authorized to cause additional financial reviews as deemed necessary.

1. The annual election of officers for this club shall be held at the conclusion of the Annual Tournament during the General Meeting. The term of office shall be from that time until the next Annual General Meeting. Nominations for new officers will be accepted and elections will be held immediately by a show of hands from all members present.
2. Only active paid up members of the club will be eligible to vote in the annual election. Proxy voting shall be permitted.


1. This club, having been established as a U.S.G.A. handicap organization, shall allow a maximum of thirty-six strokes for any member playing in a club-sponsored event.
2. All members of the club must turn in three attested score cards to establish a club handicap. The rounds, consisting of eighteen holes, must be played on the Mallards Landing Golf Course, during club-sponsored play.
3. New members must qualify with a handicap of 36 or less. Dues will be refunded to new members unable to establish a minimum qualification handicap.
4. After a club handicap has been established, the U.S.G.A. Handicap System will be used to adjust each member’s club handicap monthly, using only scores from club-sponsored play.


If you are 80 or over and you wish to take advantage of the new rule you must notify the Handicap Chairman of your intentions. Before deciding, you should know the implementation details:

•You must be 80 or over to take advantage of the rule.

•Once you decide to take advantage of the rule, you may not revert to the old rules.

You may hit from the forward (red) tees on all holes.

•For purposes of determining your NET score and for determining skins, your handicap (which was established using the gold tees) will be artificially lowered by 4 strokes. When you have completed 3 official HGMGC rounds from the red tees, your handicap will be re-calculated using USGA standards. This will also occur after 6 and 10 rounds. At that point, your handicap wiill fully reflect your playing ability hitting from the forward (red) tees and further artificial adjustment will not be necessary.

•Your “Flight” membership will be determined by your adjusted handicap. For example, if your current handicap is 32 then you are currently a member of the D flight. However, after applying the 4-stroke adjustment, your new, adjusted handicap would be 28, putting you in the C flight.


1.Weekly Competitions:

a. Shall be conducted for all paid members, who have established a club handicap.
b. Shall require a mandatory entry fee, as approved by the Executive Board, which shall be used as a prize fund after competition expenses are deducted.
c. Shall be considered official and prizes paid when a minimum of 20 players have entered the competition and 50% of entered players have completed the round.
d. The President or his Designate shall render decisions about starting or continuing a competition that is adversely affected by weather or other conditions.
e. The President or his Designate shall, prior to the start of a competition, render decisions to temporarily modify playing rules.

2. Rules for Competition Play:

The General rules for HCMGC competition play shall be determined by the Executive Board and posted prior to the competition.


1. These Bylaws may be amended or new Bylaws adopted by a majority vote of the members present at a general meeting, provided that a quorum is present. They may also be amended through the exercise of a special referendum administered by the Executive Board. Notice of such referendum must be posted on the club bulletin board at least two weeks prior to the referendum. The referendum must be conducted over two consecutive Wednesdays to maximize participation.